What are the titles and descriptions for the four modules and sixteen sessions?

ASK Curriculum



1.1 Something or Nothing – Andy Bannister

To demonstrate that this universe and everything that is implies a first cause.


1.2 Cause and Effect – John Lennox

To demonstrate that the stunning order of the universe around us implies an intelligent creator.


1.3 Reason and Order – John Lennox

To demonstrate that the universe is at base a reasonable, rational world, in keeping with the rational mind of a Creator.


1.4 Origin and Evidence – Ravi Zacharias

To demonstrate that it is impossible to live without faith and that faith in God is equally reasonable.




2.1 Big Questions – Stuart McAllister

To demonstrate that meaning and purpose are inextricably linked to a Creator God.


2.2 Beauty All Around – Jill Carattini

To demonstrate that beauty nourishes a Christian sense of meaning and purpose.


2.3 The Meaning of Stuff – Stuart McAllister

To demonstrate that human beings with infinite longings and finite capacities need more than “stuff” to find meaning.


2.4 Living Purpose – Ravi Zacharias

To demonstrate that purpose is the primary motivation behind everything that we do.





3.1 Whose morality is it anyway? – Stuart McAllister

To discuss how examples of right behavior and wrong behavior point human beings towards an objective standard of morality and a moral Lawgiver.


3.2 Judge and Jury – John Njoroge

To discover that an objective morality infuses our world.


3.3 War – Stuart McAllister

To discuss the problem of evil and to explore the uniqueness of the Christian response to evil.


3.4 Moral Stories – Ravi Zacharias

To explore how evil is the byproduct of the violation of God’s will.




4.1 Imagining a Destiny Beyond the End – Stuart McAllister

To explore the unique Christian vision of eternal life as the conqueror of death.


4.2 In The Marketplace of Ideas – Andy Bannister

To understand that freedom is not simply the power to make choices but is the freedom to become all that God intends for those redeemed by Christ Jesus.


4.3 Your Life, Your Destiny – Stuart McAllister

To explore the ways in which Christianity promises the believer salvation.


4.4 Destiny Matters – Ravi Zacharias

To continue the conversation on how Christianity offers the best possible explanation and hope for our future destiny.


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