What resources are available online?

The ASK curriculum use different multimedia tools to help teach the material and start conversations with students.

After purchasing the DVD set, you will receive a registration code.  You’ll need that code to unlock the following online resources:

  • Facilitator’s Guide, both downloadable for print or offline viewing and online
  • Online videos of the ASK DVD
  • SMS/ text polling
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

We are currently updating the student-side of the site to allow more interaction.

Although there isn’t a student guide planned for ASK, some students may want to keep notes in a notebook or journal during class.

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  1. Curtis M Current
    June 2, 2017

    Our church has a subscription to Right Now Media. This series is one of the series available. Actually there are many RZIM video series available. I’m planning to teach the ASK series, and would like to have access to the online teaching helps. However, since I don’t have a DVD code, I can’t unlock this content. Is there anything i can do, or am I just out of luck?



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